3 Additional Cases of Canine Brucellosis Confirmed 

Pet owners are encouraged to test all dogs from Double G Kennels or IowaPuppies.com

DES MOINES, Iowa (June 28, 2019) — The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship State Veterinarian Dr. Jeff Kaisand has confirmed three additional cases of Canine Brucellosis originating from Double G Kennels, which also operates as IowaPuppies.com, in Marion Co., Iowa. The cases were discovered after owners heard the initial report of Canine Brucellosis following a dispersal sale held on May 4, 2019, and took their animals to their veterinarians for testing. The dogs were not showing clinical signs of Canine Brucellosis.

The Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship recommends that any owner who purchased a small dog from Double G Kennels or IowaPuppies.com consult with a licensed veterinarian to determine if their animals should be tested. Positive Canine Brucellosis cases must be reported to the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship Animal Industry Bureau.

Brucellosis a zoonotic bacterial disease, meaning an infected animal can transmit it to humans and other animals through contaminated bodily fluids. The threat to most pet owners is considered very low. Human health questions should be addressed with a physician or the Iowa Department of Public Health.

Update on the original case

There were about 200 small dogs sold during a dispersal sale at Double G Kennels in May. Nine of those dogs have tested positive for Canine Brucellosis. 

All the dogs connected to the dispersal sale will go through a final round of clinical tests between July 2-6. If they test negative, they will be released from quarantine. If a dog tests positive for Canine Brucellosis, the quarantine will remain in place and the Department will consult with the owner and their veterinarian to determine next steps. Individuals may choose to keep a Canine Brucellosis-positive dog indefinitely quarantined on their private residence to prevent further spread of the disease.

More information about Canine Brucellosis is available through the Center for Food Security and Public Health.


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