Iowa Premises Identification Program

What is the Iowa Premises Identification Program and how does it relate to Animal Disease Traceability?
What is the Animal Disease Traceabilty Program?

The Animal Disease Traceability Program is a national animal health program that is being developed by the USDA and state animal health agencies, in cooperation with industry.  This program includes premises identification.


What does the State Premises Identification Program involve?

Premises Identification involves assigning a unique number to premises involved in animal agriculture.  Allied agricultural operations and non-producer participants can also be assigned Premises Identification Numbers.


What information is gathered by the program?

The Premises Identification will involve recording information such as addresses, names of contacts, the type of premises , and a contact phone number.  This information will be maintained by IDALS and key pieces will be shared with the USDA to be available for animal disease tracing purposes.


Is the program voluntary?

At present time, obtaining a premises identification number is completely voluntary.  Premises Identification is done at no cost to the producer. 


Number of Premises Registered

38,562 January 2023

Identification Number Application

Once you have registered your premises you will receive a premise id card along with a letter from our office with a user id and password to access your account on line or you may contact our office. Certain information in your account can be modified as your account and premises may change over time. We recommend that you provide updates to your account to keep information as current as possible. Some changes, such as status, sale or transfer of premises, can only be made by IDALS; you will need to notify us when these changes occur.


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact:

Animal ID Coordinator
888.778.7675 (Toll Free)