Announcement Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine

The Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine takes its licensing and oversight role very seriously. During the average year, the Board receives approximately 25-30 formal complaints about clinics and/or veterinarians. We always have and always will make public documents and final actions available to consumers to the extent allowed under Iowa law [see Code of Iowa section 272C.6(4)]. We acknowledge there are opportunities to modernize our processes so the records and names of licensed veterinarians and certified veterinary assistants as well as complaint forms are accessible online.

The Veterinary Practice Act (Code of Iowa Chapter 169.8.3) states that “every individual licensed under this chapter shall keep the license displayed in the place at which an office is maintained.” If pet or livestock owners have questions or concerns, they can ask the veterinarian or veterinary technician to provide a copy of the license issued by the Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine.


Dr. Jeff Kaisand

Executive Secretary Iowa Board of Veterinary Medicine