Risk Assessments and Herd Plans

A Risk Assessment can be performed by your State District Veterinarian at NO CHARGE from Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship. Participation with your herd  veterinarian is strongly advised.

A Risk Assessment is an (on-the farm) “walk-through” evaluation of the operation from calving facilities and calf management to the adult herd. Information from these Risk Assessments are confidential as is testing.

The State District Veterinarian will evaluate the risks of Johne’s disease transmission, assess biosecurity and appraise management practices in the following areas:

  • Calving Area
  • Pre-Weaned Heifers
  • Post-Weaned Heifers
  • Bred Heifers
  • Cows and Bulls
  • Sources of Additions and Replacements           

The State District Veterinarian will work with the herd owner and the herd veterinarian to recommend best management practices to prevent Johne’s from either being introduced or to reduce/eliminate Johne’s in the herd.

The Risk Assessment and Herd Management Plan is submitted to the Designated Johne’s Coordinator who will review the Risk Assessment .