Both the producer & the distributor (applicator) shall apply for a license. A producer must provide a laboratory analysis of the total nitrogen, available phosphate and soluble potassium.

Product storage can’t pollute the waters of the state. Products can’t be stored within 200 feet of a shallow private water supply well, within 100 feet of a deep water supply well, within 500 feet of a surface intake or known sinkhole or within 200 feet of watercourse other than major water sources, excluding farm ponds or situations where a secondary containment barrier is provided.

A distributor must provide semiannual reports in January and July identifying the minimum number of acres needed for proper application. Product application can’t exceed the recommended application rate.

If you are both a producer and a distributor, you are not eligible for this program and must file a manure management plan with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

You can view a complete listing of BDAN/200A licenses here.