Purchasing birds can be intimidating. Where should I buy? What do I look for?

When purchasing birds use a reputable source, a seller with NPIP approval is preferred. When selecting healthy birds look for the following:

  • Physical health; feather cover should be even, tight and well-colored
  • Eyes should be round, wide open and bright. No swelling around them.
  • Vent should be clean and droppings well-formed
  • Watch for birds that are stressed, they are at a higher risk for disease

What do I do when I bring them home?

  • Quarantine
  • Introduce them to your current flock
  • Keep the flock healthy
  • Recognize signs of illness
  • Clean and disinfect the surroundings
  • Maintain healthy birds
  • Ventilation is important
  • Keep area clean
  • Practice good rodent and pest control
  • Restrict other animals in living area of chickens to avoid cross contamination and spread of virus/illness
  • Biosecurity plan—restrict unnecessary human traffic