European Corn Borer Compliance Agreement Program

This program was created in response to western states that restrict the importation and interstate transit of corn grain originating from states that are infested with the European corn borer, such as Iowa. Grain handlers that ship corn by rail or truck, to or through, states with European corn borer regulations may enter into a compliance agreement with the Entomology and Plant Science Bureau where the facilities and grain handling equipment are inspected to assure that the corn is properly cleaned so it is apparently free from the insect prior to shipment.

A compliance agreement is established to ensure the corn has been passed through a ½ inch or less mesh screen prior to loading, rendering the grain to be apparently free of stalks, cobs, stems, portions of plants, or fragments capable of harboring larvae of European com borer; and, that the carrier vehicle of this commodity has been determined free of any such host plant fragments at the time of loading.

Starting in January, 2022, entities with a compliance agreement will issue their European Corn Borer Certificate via an online portal. Multi-copy, hand written forms have been retired.

The Department offers this program free of cost to assist grain exporters in efficiently meeting the quarantine requirements of the western states. For more information, please contact the Entomology and Plant Science Bureau.