Iowa Tree Pests

The Iowa Tree Pests website was designed to be an up-to-date source of information for Iowa, and for any person who wants to learn more about invasive tree pests. There currently are several invasive insect and disease pests on the horizon, not only of great concern for Iowa and the Midwest, but also the entire United States.

You will find inside these pages quarantine and regulatory information, photos, and a treasure trove of resources to help you identify invasive pests of statewide concern. Please feel free to look inside by clicking on the pictures and page links.

The invasive pests that you see on these pages have contributed to the loss of millions of community and rural forestland trees throughout infested areas of the United States. These pests are a very big concern for Iowa, since they have already been found in several neighboring states.

Learn more about individual species below, or visit to view all information.

L. dispar moth (formerly gypsy moth)

Emerald Ash Borer

Asian Longhorned Beetle

Spotted Lanternfly


European Corn Borer Program

This program was created in response to western states that restrict the importation and interstate transit of corn grain originating from states that are infested with the European corn borer, such as Iowa. Grain handlers that ship corn by rail or truck, to or through, states with European corn borer regulations may enter into a compliance agreement with the Entomology and Plant Science Bureau where the facilities and grain handling equipment are inspected to assure that the corn is properly cleaned so it is apparently free from the insect prior to shipment. For more information visit European Corn Borer Compliance Agreement Program.