FMNP - Benefits

WIC and Senior FMNP participants can receive checks to purchase fresh, unprepared, locally-grown fruits, vegetables, and herbs. FMNP checks may only be used from June 1 to October 31 at FMNP-authorized farmers markets and farmstands.

FMNP - How To Use Checks

Not all vendors are certified to accept FMNP checks, only use your FMNP checks where the “Iowa Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks Accepted Here” sign is displayed, with a current year certification sticker. FMNP checks cannot be used in grocery stores.

FMNP checks are worth $5.00, and no change is given. But you may use cash to purchase items other than produce or additional produce.

FMNP checks may only be used to purchase fresh, unprepared produce and not to purchase items such as popcorn, ornamental pumpkins, gourds, baked goods, eggs, jam or jelly, nuts, plants, flowers, crafts, etc. Honey may be purchased only with Senior FMNP checks. FMNP checks must be signed at the time of the purchase. The certified vendor must be present to accept the FMNP checks.

Find an FMNP-authorized farmers market or farmstand near you.