FMNP - Benefits

Each participant in the WIC FMNP/SFMNP receives a one-time benefit in the form of checks to be used June 1 through October 31 in the year the checks are issued. Checks can be used to purchase fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs at authorized farmers markets and farmstands.


FMNP - How To Use Checks

FMNP checks may be used June 1-October 31 at any location listed in our FMNP Directory of Authorized Locations. It is important to note that the authorized locations, days and hours of operation may not be the same as the dates to use the coupons; for example, some markets may close in September.

When you get to the market, walk through the market to look at the fruits and vegetables that are available. Compare the variety, quality and price of the produce on display at each stand before deciding what to buy.

Use your FMNP checks only for fresh, unprepared, locally grown fruits, vegetables and herbs at stands where the “Iowa Farmers Market Nutrition Program Checks Accepted Here” sign is displayed.

FMNP checks are worth $3.00, and no change will be given. If the purchase is less than $3.00, the farmer will add fruits and vegetables of your choice to make up the difference.

FMNP checks must be signed at the time of the purchase.

You may use cash to purchase items other than produce or to purchase additional produce.

FMNP checks cannot be used to purchase non-produce items such as popcorn, ornamental or decorated pumpkins, gourds, baked goods of any kind, eggs, honey, jam or jelly, nuts, plants, flowers, crafts, etc.

FMNP checks cannot be used in grocery stores or at any location that is not listed in our Directory of Authorized Locations.