To become FMNP Certified vendors must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older, reside and grow eligible foods within Iowa or in aneighboring state in a county adjacent to Iowa’s border.
  • Submit a completed and signed certified vendor application and agreement to theDepartment.
  • Participate in training on FMNP rules and procedures conducted by department staff.
  • Indicate intent to participate in one or more authorized farmers markets orfarmstands for a majority of weeks of the market season.
  • Vendors may accept FMNP check only for eligible foods (fresh, unprepared, locally-grown fruits, vegetables and herbs, and honey for Senior FMNP only.)

To view all FMNP rules and procedures click “FMNP Vendor Certification Handbook” below.



FMNP Vendor Certification Handbook

FMNP Training Schedule

Application for new and returning vendors

Guide for completing the vendor application

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